Today’s SPECTRUM Spotlight shines on Slawek (full name: Stanislaw Goc), who joins us from Indianapolis to share his intriguing urban photography. All that I, in fact, do is draft notes with a camera. My camera interprets Pop Art, which originated in America many years ago and is dominant today our streets, stores, and even our homes. Indeed, Slawek’s photos offer glimpses into compelling scenes we might not notice as we rush by in our busy days. In storefront reflections like the photo above, for instance, Slawek has discovered a world of fascinating stories. In fact, he has created an entire series of Reflections based on this theme. I was always fascinated by the reflections that can be seen in a store display windows since reflections are not only what the eye sees, but also what mind perceives. Is it a woman or just suggestion of beauty in our life? Is it only a dream or reality? Born in Warsaw, Poland, Slawek worked in theater and film in Europe before following his wife, a biochemist, to the US. The couple settled in indianapolis, where they’ve been living for over a decade. He has exhibited his photography widely throughout the US and has been reviewed in numerous publications. Here’s what Peter Marr of Image City Gallery has to say about Slawek’s work: “Reflections are not only what the eye sees, but what the mind perceives. When we see in the present, we also reflect on thing past. We listen to the voice of our heart, but our thoughts are very personal and not universal”.