by Dan Grossman

Polish-born photographer Slawek is fascinated by the kinds of reflections that you find in shop windows — and the kind you find in your own head. In “Polish Dilemma 1: Castle 1” two manikins in a shop window in Warsaw, Poland, are superimposed with the reflection of a castle. But this particular castle isn’t the ordinary European variety. Constructed under Stalin’s hegemony, it was intended to rival New York’s skyscrapers. This photo alludes to the conflict between East and West but suggests that “the Polish Dilemma” is too complex to nutshell. His most stunning photo is one that doesn’t entirely avoid didacticism, however. The sepia-toned “Lost in Manhattan 1” shows two gravestones topped by twin statues with the Twin Towers standing in the distance. It’s impossible to reflect on this photo (taken with a compact film camera and then digitally enhanced) without thinking about what happened subsequent to its taking. Through July 31;