"I  AM  a   HUMAN   BEING"
In reality: however...
I am a human being,
destined to live and die
no other place but planet Earth".

Sota Kurylo

Sota Kurylo
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Sota Kurylo,
Sota Kurylo is the pen name of Zofia Borowska, born and educated in Poland  who  since 1961until   2003 resided in  New York . She presently resides in San Francisco.

With her PhD in biochemistry, she is widely published in the scientific journals and is now a Professor


The play of TIME
(inADOBE 6 - 458 KB)


 Emeritus of Rockefeller University. She is also a poet,
writing both in Polish and English. Her published volumes
 are Wyspa Wspomnien  ( The Island of memories) and 
 Igraszka Czasu  (The Play of Time), her English -
 language poems have appeared in many journals and
 anthologies. In 1998 she received an award from Iliad
 Press for her circle of poems On the Swing of Life.
SONG - On the Boat Karla           


Gambling house, Casino.
Atlantic City, Trump.
Las Vegas, Reno...

Gambling tables.
Slot machines...

Sound of pouring coins.
Multicolor lights.
Cigarettes smoke.

Loud music, and
noise, noise.

Read these signs:
"All Plays and Plays".
"Office of Gambling Promotion ".
"Multifunction Voids".

Look around,
more signs:
"Good Luck"
"Do not stop".
"Play further".
"Do not give up! '.
"Fight !".

Electrifying emotions !".

Look around...
What do you see?

People, people.
Like in a dream...
People in constant motion.

This is one of these crazy days!

People, they are here,
by their own will...
with all their gambling rights.

With glazed eyes, with a smile
on the face.

Young and old.
Hairy and bold.
Sturdy and slim.
Tall and short...
with hope, that they will win.

They gamble without fear,
that they may lose.
They hope, that a great award is near.

People, face to face with green
baize of gambling tables.
After all, casinos is their sybaritic

Their way of life.
Their place!

Slot machines, like you and me
have names.
Hot Lava. Crazy Doubles.
joker's Wild Poker.


Take a risk and play.

Get a tangle.
Get. "Bar...,Bar...,Bar..." !
Play" jack Pot jungle" or
"Quick Silver".

Don't be shy.
Listen to the voice of your heart.

Do not hesitate, play
a slot machine named
"One to Eight Coins".

Or: " One Over the Rainbow".
Or : " Three Times Five".
Or just" Five Times Three".

Close your eyes.
Open your ears.
What do you hear?

Y..eea..aa... Yea!
Money, money ,money.
Shimmering money,
instead of stars.

Do not waist your time.
Take another 2S Cents slot machine:
"Money Bag", or "Progressive jack Pot"
Do not hesitate... Put another
three quarters into the slot.

Take your time...
Take your time, do not rush.

Sure, sure, why not?
You will win a lot of cash!.

You'll be rich... Soon.
So, do not stop.

Above slot machine gobbling
2S cents piece, you see a bright
winning screen.
Below, a flickering red heart,
with four leaves clover.
And a sign: "Play Further,
the Game is not Over".

The object of the game is to win.
To become rich in a short time.
To get the gambler's fame.

Well, ones in a casino, I also play!
Play and play... five machines at a time.
With both hands I play and play,
as long as my mental power withstands.

For me is no other day.
No tomorrow.

I am betting at another table.

Staying in the game I sweat.
I wrinkle, losing the stiffness
of my winged collar.

Suddenly, unexpectedly...
I am bursting with laugh..
Laughing loud I bet on
a green ...
one dollar.

I am laughing, being sure,
that tonight is my lucky day!

Positively, I'll win!

I am playing, and playing.
Like a real PRO.
Like a Gambling scholar.

I am proud, no doubt,
That ...
In a short time I'll become
a part of this crazy crowd.

After hours of stomping my feet

around the table, unable to stand,
I am ready to faint.

But just..., at last...,
I may shout out:
"I won! I won ".
I won One Dollar !.

Now, without regrets,
I can rest in peace.

I am the lucky one!

After all, what the gambling is about?

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1. The play of TIME - Sota Kurylo
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