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IndyFringe, August 22 thru 31, 2008

We moved to middle of America in 2000. All I remember from that time was: many restaurants, much more expensive theater tickets than in NYC, Pacers, Colts and Indy 500. Today, 8 years later Indianapolis always has good restaurants, Pacers, Colts and Indy 500, our Indiana friends like Florida or Bahamas, tickets to the theaters are not the cheapest in the country but more people go to the theater. IndyFringe created by Pauline Moffat and her friends became one of the most important events in the city.
How can I live in the middle of America away from the ocean, the sun and the surf - does it hold any other fame but the Indy 500??? Take a chance for the sake of love? Start a new life ..... hmmm!
It's winter - so put on a coat and start looking ... start immersing yourself in the city and all it has to offer....fill in those long solitary days. A world class School on Philanthropy - why not?

     Six months later the Certificate of Fundraising Management, an understanding of what makes American the most generous people on the face of the map not only with their money but also with their time. Devour the Urban Times, walk the streets, explore the historic neighborhoods, look for things that interest, visit the museums, attend the multitude of offerings in arts and culture, make friends. Explore 'the curious city' as depicted on the website www.thecuriouscity.com Take anything that's offered where I can make a difference. Volunteer!

      Something will happen!!!
A door will open! And there it was in the Urban Times - Mass Ave is about to have a Fringe Festival. Now that is something I know about ... Edinburgh, the mother of all fringe festivals, Adelaide the second oldest festival in the world, the Melbourne Fringe and the Melbourne International Festival..... all part of my former life in Melbourne.

     Volunteer! That's it .... I know the fringe, I can help. Four festivals later l6,000 people attend IndyFringe - hundreds of performers have presented their works and earned $400,000 in box office receipts.

     The City has embraced the concept of the fringe - unjuried, uncensored, fun, friendly, daring, intriguing, disturbing .....but never dull. An incubator for new talent. Independent artists are thriving, making money, producing original works, contributing to the 'curious city'. People find the fringe - new to town from LA, New York, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Chicago and from across the world. They arrive on the last Friday of every month to FringeFriday ... they find us. Its part of a global movement that attracts the 'curious' and brings total strangers together.

     FringeFriday, street theatre and roving buskers are all part of the Mass Ave ...... the street is energized! The challenge to find money, find space, spread the fringe message..... meet the goal to see what Indianapolis theatre will be like in the year 2012 as a result of fringe festival. We're half way!!!! But it weighs heavily on a small band of people who by sheer force make it happen every year, all year round. Take a crumbling building and breathe new life into an old missionary home - pure luck brings us public art for the grounds - "Revival" - that's how we feel with the energy that flows through the building.

     The benefits come in the form of people always eager to help - who just arrive and work and ask for nothing in return - happy to see the fringe thrive on Mass Ave. Soon a home on Mass Ave in the Arts and Theatre District and a step closer to 2012.

How will the fringe be judged????
How fortuitous to find my other passion - the IndyFringe!

Pauline Moffat - IndyFringe
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