"Although I have never learned how to read and write. I paint the picture residing in my mind". Sota Kurylo

Images by Stanislaw Goc
ImageCity Gallery (photogaraphy gallery in Rochester, NY, August 13 - September 7, 2008)
1. Politically Correct
2. City
3. Polish Realism
4. Magic of Light
5. Private Eye
 6. I Love My Cars
 7. Portrait
 8. Canvas
 9. Fringe Theater
10. Natural Beauty

"This memorable exhibition is a truly fascinating study of reflections, by an artist who has amazing visual perception and masterful photographic technique. Reflections are not only what the eye sees, but what the mind perceives. When we see in the present, we also reflect on thing past. We listen to the voice of our heart, but our thoughts are very personal and not universal. One should look at each image and explore both visually and emotionally what it means or conveys to you. At first glance, we are looking at reflected images of cityscapes, people, vehicles, etc., captured as three dimensional vignettes with thought-provoking "icons" in store windows or other reflecting surfaces. These "icons", be they mannequins, models, posters, photographs, cut-outs, or even real people, present the real fascination in this intriguing exhibition. What I see is a reality check The reality of the reflected background image is factual to us, and we accept the visual distortion that often results, whereas the reality of the image behind the glass (i.e. inside the store window) provides a sharp contrast, as another world observing. It seems that we can follow at least three paths in our reality check of each print, paths that can definitely overlap. Firstly, we can just admire the picture just as it is presented, and I hope that we will do this for every print, as they are so deserve. Secondly, we can try and relate the image in the window with the reflected image outside, and thirdly, we can explore the image behind the window itself, and perhaps ask ourselves if the magic mirror is disclosing otherwise unseen truths. I personally believe that we are not looking at real people or parts of real people as reflected images, we are experiencing actual images of people in photographs, posters, cutĀ­outs, etc., as real as they often seem. What we see in the unique outstanding display are countless thoughl provoking images, a few of which I have briefly outlined below:

"Reflections - Wife" Chicago XI.2006
"This is a superb, haunting reality check of a beautiful young woman transfixed by headless, clothed mannequins. Is she "real" - no, only as a photograph or poster, but the resulting print has a powerful symbolism of the "real" vs. "unreal" "

"Reflections - his Woman" Chicago, IL 2006
"Reflections - Portrait in Pink, Pendleton" IN 2008
"Reflections - Woman in Green" Warsaw, Poland, 2006
"These images are much more obvious reality checks of posters of beautiful woman, looking definitively into the future, rather than into the past or present"

"Reflections - Politically Correct" Nice, France 2007
"An absolutely wonderful image, so intense, so powerful. Who could not imagine that the man was a real reflected person looking over the mannequin s shoulder. The expressive eyes are incredible, even for a man in a poster (or photographic print). A superb, intriguing reality check. There are countless, memorable images in this exhibition, far too numerous to comment on here, but especially look at the prints that have facial close-ups, culminating in the very dramatic print "Reflections - Her Ego", displayed just inside the gallery entrance. The eye is so very real, although it is on a print, peering into our reality, into our thoughts, into our minds."

 I would just like to point out that in addition to the exquisite reflection images, there are a few excellent portraits, and in the East Gallery, please make a special visit to see three reflection prints- "Light I" 2 and 3, where the artist has cleverly captured the fleeting light to form a cross, which culminates in a plate with the carved head of Christ in the center-just incredible symbolism. In conclusion I sincerely applaud Stanislaw for giving us such a truly memorable exhibition. "Reflections" is a display to experience, to visually and mentally absorb, and to marvel at his visual perception."

Peter Maar, Ph.D.
(5 time winner of G. Eastman Awards, the most prestige photography competition in the world)

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