- From the NOTEBOOK of a haste - less man - Les NOTES d'un passant peu presse - z notatnika niespiesznego przechodnia -

The play of Time - Sota Kurylo
with her PhD in biochemistry,
she is widely published in the scientific journals
and is now a Professor Emeritus of Rockefeller University.

Stories of moments - Krys Podgorski
believes that being creative is the only way
for any individual to escape slavery of the society, the later being the worst enemy of a true human being.

Portrait propre des Polonais - Slawek
Voici donc ma nuvelle lettre, trop longue comme les autres. Si loin du pays, j'ai la chance d'observer avec la distance ce qui ce passe chez vous. Cela a aussi certains inconvénients.

Run as far as you can - Slawek
Contemporary love

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