- From the NOTEBOOK of a haste - less man - Les NOTES d'un passant peu presse - z notatnika niespiesznego przechodnia -

Zbigniew Antoszewski
Dès son plus jeune âge, Zbigniew Antoszewski est passionné par la musique et la photographie, dont  il découvre les secrets très tôt. L’acordéon est d’ailleurs le premier instrument sur lequel il fait ses gammes. Durant ses études de chimie et de photographie, il tient la place de contrebasse au sein de l’association musicale scolaire.

Kamil Steczkiewicz
My photographs are imperfect. Not finished to some extent. There are so many tools, so many possible interpretations of the same scene... I am always lost. Publishing a screenshot of my thoughts... So here I would like to present, an unfinished study by tireless wanderer. In his way to find those fragile strings placed in posed frame.

Stanislaw Goc
There is a hampered world created by us, the unskillful creators, still beautiful in its imperfection. The reality of it is continuously doubted and in this doubt we find our purpose. And there is the true, potent universe which forcefully moves forward on its own terms tossing us around in disregard. There we are between those two, stretched and barely holding until we lose our grip when we fall. This is little space we have but it has multiplicity of dimensions. These are miraculously captured in this work that bounce one world against the other using some truly magical mirrors and in the process disclosing otherwise unseen truth

home of fine quality images by Nina Hummel,  DanutaKosk-Kosicka, E. P., Kazimierz Ciesielski, PiotrSzkutnicki,  Zbyszek Antoszewski, Stanislaw

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