Kamil Steczkiewicz

I love being immersed in the Surrounding. Feeds us the aristotelian cave with shadows of so exquisite beauty, the real world would undoubtedly find us in overwhelming ecstasy of perceiving it directly. I can only take snapshots of the nature’s grace, with both photography and science, gazing at its fascinating intricacy. I lack the understanding of what engages me into when I look at it through my camera’s viewfinder or analyze molecular biology data. But it is there, inviting. I can only act my role of naive wanderer, enjoy and uncover from time to time minute pieces of the big picture.

My photographs are imperfect, unfinished. I always photographed for myself, to grasp the moments for later; to save a glimpse, a mood as I tend to amalgamate easily with the places I visit. That makes departures hard but that gives my visual notebook another dimension.

These few images resonated with the way you conceive the world, dear Visitor, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me at kamil.steczkiewicz@gmail.com


All photographs are copyrighted.