- From the NOTEBOOK of a hast - less man - Les NOTES d'un passant peu presse - z notatnika niespiesznego przechodnia -
Notes with a camera from Tropical Jungle
(Amazon River 2008)

- Notes for the Movies Which Never Would be Made -
"Although throughout the world jungles have existed for hundreds of millions of years,
it is only within the last 100 years that they have been on the decline"

  1.Little ant in a big  jungle

2.Sugar Mill

  3.ViIcacora Edmund Szeliga

4.JFK - Day 1
    (movie - 10MB
  5.Lima, Peru - Day 2
    (movie - 25.8MB)
6.Iquitos - Day 3

7.On the way to Madre Selva 

8.Madre Selva Resort - Day 5
  9.Amazon Project - Day 6
     (movie - 11MB)
10.Two Villages, Day 7

11.Day 8 - On Our Way Back
     (movie - 59MB)
12.Day 9-10 - On the Way Back


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