- From the NOTEBOOK of a hast - less man - Les NOTES d'un passant peu presse - z notatnika niespiesznego przechodnia -

1. OCTOBER 2016
- in pdf
Caoba is the prized mahogany tree that billionaires’ desks are made of, and at least one of the presidential candidates for the 2016 US presidential election has probably already tweeted about it.

2. DECEMBER 2014 - in pdf
Dear Friends and supporters of Project Amazonas. This year marked our 20th year as
an organization, and the 20th year since our founder, Albert Slugocki, first introduced
me to the Amazon. Where did 2014 go? And how have twenty years elapsed so fast?

3. SEPTEMBER 2013, part 1 - in pdf
2013 started out medically with our annual February service trip. The team of participants from Peru, the US and the United Kingdom attended some 900 patients in campesino and Yagua Indian communities on the Apayacu, Orosa and Matahuayo Rivers.

4. SEPTEMBER 2013, part 2 - in pdf
The founder of Project Amazonas, Albert Slugocki and his wife Margaret were the binding force that kept Project Amazonas together and moving forward during the early years of struggling to survive as an organization.

5. DECEMBER 2012 - in pdf
I’ve been traveling to the Peruvian Amazon since 1994 and people often ask if I get tired of it. Tired of the air travel and airports? Most definitely! But once I’m back in the Amazon proper, it’s almost impossible to become jaded.

6. SEPTEMBER 2011 - in pdf
Here are a number of highlights and opportunities from the year to date, as well as some upcoming activities and events. I hope you enjoy reading this, and questions and comments are always welcomed.

7. DECEMBER 2011 - in pdf
2011 has been a very busy, but also a very good year and we have lots to report. The coming year, 2012, however, is shaping up to be a banner year for us on many fronts with a lot of exciting things in the works. So I’d like to start with what lies ahead in the coming year, before recapping the events of the current year.

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