All this Art

The Art, considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness

Lisa Mona: Mona Lisa is widely considered the Greatest Portrait of all time. Let me introduce you to 21st Century replica of Mona Lisa, titled Lisa Mona created by the Greatest Master LIGHT. (See enigmatic smile on her mouth, see her eyes).

Lady with an ermine – is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci from around 1489–1490. It is one of only four portraits of women painted by Leonardo, currently displayed at the Czartoryski Museum, Kraków, Poland. Let me introduce you to 21st Century replica of Lady with an Ermine, created by the Greatest Master LIGHT, Polish lady with an ermine?

Picasso Lost Muse – see a cubic head of a woman created by the LIGHT.

The Great Piece of Turf – Durer, invitation to enter a real piece of stubble as though seen from the perspective of tiny animal.

Goc van shoes: A pair of shoes on the floor just been taken off. Shoes can tell everything about our good and bad days, how was our day, how was the weather, good or bad; and all about our social status. They see us all the time. The worn leather and tired soles represent every day of our life, the journey everybody has endured. Shoes are most important and most sensitive part of our cloth, our best friends.

Portrait of a young Man – the young teenage boy in this remarkable lifelike portrait looks calmly at the viewer. Over the rich, ground we can see his hair with lock brushed to the side of forehead. This unusually straightforward presentation reflects and enhances the engaging charm and openness of the young man, who eagerly presents himself to us. We still have to remember that this is a creation of the best Master LIGHT.

Harlequin, character from XVII Century Comedy del art in Italy.

Dance: There is flattery in every dance.

9th Symphony: Beethoven’s 9th symphony is one of the best-known works in common practice music.

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