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REFLECTIONS 1 - click it -
Image City Gallery (Rochester, NY)
"This memorable exhibition is a truly fascinating study of reflections, by an artist who has amazing visual perception and masterful photographic technique. Reflections are not only what the eye sees, but what the mind perceives. When we see in the present, we also reflect on thing past. We listen to the voice of our heart, but our thoughts are very personal and not universal. One should look at each image and explore both visually and emotionally what it means or conveys to you. At first glance, we are looking at reflected images of cityscapes, people, vehicles, etc., captured as three dimensional vignettes with thought-provoking "icons" in store windows or other reflecting surfaces. These "icons", be they mannequins, models, posters, photographs, cut-outs, or even real people, present the real fascination in this intriguing exhibition. What I see is a reality check The reality of the reflected background image is factual to us, and we accept the visual distortion that often results, whereas the reality of the image behind the glass (i.e. inside the store window) provides a sharp contrast, as another world observing."
Peter Marr

REFLECTIONS 2 (2009) - click it -
Chase Tower (Indianapolis, IN)

Dan Grossman - NUVO:
"Polish-born photographer Slawek is fascinated by the kinds of reflections that you find in shop windows -- and the kind you find in your own head.

In "Polish Dilemma 1: Castle 1" two manikins in a shop window in Warsaw, Poland, are superimposed with the reflection of a castle. But this particular castle isn't the ordinary European variety. Constructed under Stalin's hegemony, it was intended to rival New York's skyscrapers. This photo alludes to the conflict between East and West but suggests that "the Polish Dilemma" is too complex to nutshell. 2: His most stunning photo is one that doesn't entirely avoid didacticism, however. The sepia-toned "Lost in Manhattan 1" shows two gravestones topped by twin statues with the Twin Towers standing in the distance.
It's impossible to reflect on this photo (taken with a compact film camera and then digitally enhanced) without thinking about what happened subsequent to its taking."

REFLECTIONS 3: All About Sex (2010) - click it -
CCA Gallery (Zionsville, IN)
This exhibition was on display at the CCA Gallery in Zionsville, IN during the months of April/May 2010. However, the Gallery Board opposed the use of the word “Sex” in the title of the exhibition, retaining only the titles of the photographs.

REFLECTIONS 4: Manhattan Rhapsody, part1 (2010)
Chase Tower (Indianapolis, IN)
Provocative images of the World Trade Center. The images, taken  before the events of Sept. 11, 2001, depict a cemetery with the trade center’s twin towers as a back drop. It is the result of my fascination with the beauty of  life’s forms from yesterday and today. My hope is to not offend, but rather to inspire new ways of thinking and viewing the world for those who are able to see this collection.

REFLECTIONS 5: 1.Politically Correct, 
2. Being Teen
Art Bank Gallery (Indianapolis, IN) - click it -
All that I in fact do is "draft notes with a camera." My camera interprets Pop-Art which originated in America many years ago and is dominant today our streets, stores, and even our homes. We can see some signs of it even in North Korea.

REFLECTIONS 6: All These Cars (2011)
Art Bank Gallery (Indianapolis, IN) - click it -
Always fascinated by reflections in glass I was intrigued by the interesting reflections in cars. I realized that cars could tell us wonderful stories.

REFLECTIONS 7: Way OFF Theater (2011)
Art Bank Gallery (Indianapolis, IN) - click it -
Theater, Movie and Photograph were always my fascination. This time I would like to share with you my REFLECTIONS – “Way off Theater”.

REFLECTIONS 8: Attention, She is a Woman (2011)
Art Bank Gallery (Indianapolis, IN) - click it -
Since reflections are not only what the eye sees, but also what mind perceives.  Is it a woman or just suggestion of a Beauty in our life? 
Is it only a dream or reality?

REFLECTIONS: Private Eye (2012)
Art Bank Gallery (Indianapolis, IN) - click it -
In the first half of the 20th Century people believed of true power being in “magic of eye". We now  see it the best in the old photographs of those whom we now call celebrities.

Art Bank Gallery (Indianapolis, IN) - click it -

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