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Doing photography I learned that, “sometimes we look too hard for things that hide too long and far away, all the way on the other side”.     

While classic photography is capturing a moment, my camera is trying to understand what Light is telling me. I call this process REFLECTIONS. All Great Painters always knew that THE LIGHT is the best Master.

My camera is trying to record the best creations of the Best Master - LIGHT. I deeply believe that photography is a high quality Art and as such it is comparable to all other visual arts.

My photographs are printed on canvas, aluminum plates.

1. ArtHampton, Long Island, NY Jun., 2016
2. Montserrat Gallery, Manhattan, NY, Sep., 2015
  3. Gateway Art Center, Manhattan, NY, Sep., 2015
Highline Loft Gallery, Manhattan, NY, Nov., 2015
. Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, 2015
a. "All This Art"
            see video

  6. Exhibition at the Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, N.J., Jan. 17-31, 2015.
      Jurors' Choice of the 2014 International Art Festival: 
      a. congratulation letter  
b. see video - "Just Walking, 2015 International Art Festival"
  7. International Art Competition 2014, High Line Loft Gallery, Chelsea - Manhattan,
      Oct., 2014 

      a. see video - "Pegant contest" 
b. see video - "IFA 2014"                                 

  8. Montserrat
Contemporary Art Gallery, Chelsea - Manhattan, NY, 2014/2015,
9. High Line Loft Gallery, Hot Art Chelsea - Manhattan, NY, Jun., 2014
 a. see video - "Hot Art Chelsea 2014"
25CPW/Red Roots, Manhattan, NY, Nov., 2013
      a. see video - "Autumn Salon"
11. Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, 2013 - 2014
Spectrum Contemporary Art Show, Manhattan, NY, Jacob Javits Center,
      Oct. 3 - 6, 2013 
International Art Festival,
25CPW/Red Roots, Manhattan, NY, Jun., 2013
14. Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, Jul. 2013
15. International ArtExpo, Manhattan, NY, Mar., 2013 
      a. see flickr

16. Indianapolis Mayer’s Gallery, Indianapolis, 2013 
17. Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, Indianapolis, 2012
18. Columbia Club, Indianapolis, 2012
19. Art Bank Gallery, Indianapolis, 2010-2013
20. Indiana Design Center, Carmel, IN, 2011-2012
21. Image City Photography Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2008, 2010, 2011
22. Gallery 924 at the Arts Council, Indianapolis, IN, 2011
23. Chase Tower, Indianapolis, 2008, 2009, 2010

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