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On this page you will find few short movies from Chicago Jazz
Festival. All files are large-sized. September 2010 - 2005

The 32nd Annual Chicago Jazz Festival

 1. 80th Birthday Jam with Fred Anderson
 Petrillo Music Shell  
 2.Chicago Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble
Jazz on Jackson
 3.Dan Cray Trio
Jazz on Jackson
 4.Art of the Solo with William Parker
Jazz & Heritage Stage



 4. We are... New Orleans in Chicago
 5. I've Made Mind New Orleans in Chicago
 6. Whenever New Orleans in Chicago
 7. What New New Orleans in Chicago
 8. Sometimes New Orleans in Chicago
 9. On the Other Side
10. 48 Seconds
11. Creation
12. Do you Record, are you...  

Chicago Jazz Festival
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4...  and  5. Short Trip

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