MARCH 2001 !  
Of course EVERYBODY was INNOCENT but..."In 1904, did anybody see Jews shooting their guns, escorting prisoners with guns in their hands or training granade throwing?

Nobody would even believe such a possibility. And in 1917-1918 those strange scenes became reality at the whole area engulfed with the soviet revolution and penetrated the imagination of not just Poles but other people as well."



Empire State Building
of Warsaw


wersja polska zawiera
więcej tematów
to PAINT - BARTEK loves to play with his friends and to paint. He draws "cartoons" all the time. He was 12 /13  years old when he painted most of his pictures but he always prefered to be 14. 
Today he is already 14 and he loves to play basket-ball.

Le KIDNAPPING de L'EUROPE par la vache folle.  Aujourd'hui je voudrais t'écrire quelques mots sur la Grande Carême. Les Français ne connaissent pas notre Jeudi Gras... En revanche nos"ostatki" sont appelés ici Mardi Gras. Cependant personne n'achète à cette occasion ni beignet ni frivole..

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