JUNE, 2001 roku !
Vous avez 5 minutes?
Cela tombe bien, j'ai un peu de temps. Je ne sais pas comment cela se passe sur les autres continents, mais comme vous le savez dans presque toute l' Europe nous avons actuellement "l'heure d'été". Celui ci débute le dernier dimanche du mois de mars et finit le dernier dimanche d' Octobre
to paint - malowac, Catherine Le VAN VAN
I am sending to you two works painted by a friend of my, Catherine Le Van Van. How do you like them?

Empire State Building of
Warsaw once more 

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Lindsay ANDERSON - letters. "Really, I was very lucky to find an opportunity to direct theatre in the late fifties and early sixties at the Royal Court. If George Devine hadn’t existed there, I’m sure I would never have gone into the theater at all. There would certainly not have been a place for me in the Peter Hall tradition."
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STATE of MIND - beauty of being old
photographing Vilnius, Lithuania
State of MIND - musicians
photo impressions

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