December, 2006

 Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference...


     THE TRUTH IS THE RIGHT OF A MAN, "Very little is giving the right for talking, if the word is not free to express itself. If is
 captivated by egocentrism, hate, content to others, for instance to those who differ by nationality, religion or point of view. Small will
 be the advantage of talking and writing when the word will be used not for searching of the truth, but only for winning in discussion,
 and defend own, even false position."
 "The truth becomes humiliated also when there is no love to it and to a man."
 "...a man is free also not to talk the truth. But he is not truly free if he is not telling the truth."
- by John Paul II


     A REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER KNEELING TO BE BLESSED, Never self serving, he was responsible for introducing new talent
 some of whom
went on to become actors and movie stars of genuine international stature: Albert Finney, Peter O’Toole, Alan
 Bates, Malcolm McDowell and the late Richard Harris
by Saxon Logan and Charles Drazin.         - and more...


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- From the NOTEBOOK of  a hast - less man -
- Les NOTES d'un passant peu presse -
  ...ergo SUM
  ...ergo SUM (inFrench) 
  on the MIDDLE of NOWHERE
  CHINA is here
  CHICAGO my way


 1. "I don't know about technology and I don't know about finance and accounting," - BERNARD J. EBBERS, former chief executive
      of WorldCom, at his trial.
 2. "I'm not here to discuss the past. I'm here to be positive about this subject," - M. MCGWIRE, after being asked in a Congressional
      hearing whether he had used steroids.
 3. "The constitution is the most dangerous document in the country and the most important one affecting the future of
      the country. It should be written extremely carefully,"
- ALAADEEN MUHAMMAD AL-HAKIM, spokesman for a Shiite leader in Iraq.
"The comment may sound a bit whimsical, but it's literally true that the leading cause of death on death row is old age," -
the chief justice of the California Supreme Court
"People from other states, we appreciate their help. But everybody else is getting work, not us." - AUBREY D. CHEATHAM,
      a union electrician from New Orleans who believes he lost a job to lower-paid workers from outside

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   Portrait propre des PolonaisVoici donc ma nouvelle lettre,  trop longue comme les autres. Si loin du pays, j’ai la chance d’observer
 avec la distance ce qui ce passe chez vous. Cela a aussi certains inconvénients. - by Slawek
- and more in French...                                                                                                                                   

     Everybody WAS INNOCENT..., Due to that fact, since the 11th century it had been developing, along with one of the Slavonic tribes,
 an interesting
 culture of the contemporary Poland. Reading the text of Stefan Bratkowski I remembered another text from the
 correspondence of Jerzy Stempowski (Hostowiec) with Jerzy
Giedroyc, published by
Czytelnik in 1998. As I was reading it, I was
 fascinated with the live HISTORY, not distorted by historians, politicians, ideologists and journalists.
Let me quote some of the fragments
 from the first volum (pp. 134 - 154) of the correspondence of "Prince" Giedroyc with one of the most interesting, most open minds of the
 20th Century, educator of several
generations of Polish humanists, Jerzy Stempowski. It was in the 1950s:          
- and more...

     My first concluding observations from The U.N. Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - Andrzej Rzeplinski
     1. China...
Human Rights: A Family Member of Applicant to European Court for Human Rights, Mekhti Mukhaev, Has been Illegally Detained and Subjected
 to Severe Torture.
Persecution of Residents of Zumsoj village continues                  
- and more...

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         1. STORIES of moments - Krys Podgorski believes that being
     creative is the only way for  any individual to
escape slavery of the
 society, the later being the worst enemy of a true human being.
                                - and more...
     2. The play of TIME - Sota Kurylo
with her PhD in
     biochemistry, sh
e is widely published in the scientific
     and is now a Professor Emeritus of Rockefeller University.

                                                                        - and more...

         3. To BE or NOT to BE - Zbigniew Antoszewski. Puis c’est
     l’arrivée des années „sixties” qui entraînent diverses modes et
     changements culturels très appréciés par la jeunesse polonaise.
     Mais les moralisateurs imposent leur diktat car, selon eux le „rock
     and roll” associé à la culture de l’ouest n’est  qu’une chute morale,
     houliganisme, voire décadence”.
                                             - and more in French...


1. EVIDENCE of global warming

2. RUN as far as you can 3. NACH OBEN

     Polish COOKING, by Lech, For centuries fish were plentiful. Poor people could not afford meat, but fish, wild mushrooms, or wild
 berries were
always available, and considered as inferior foods. Polish people used to say “Fish and mushrooms, flour and meadow” to
 describe a rich country farm, where everything was plentiful.                 -
and more...


Antonio Vivaldi - AUTOMN (you need to have Media Player 10)

     GLOBALIZATION,  or the search for the means to satisfy at
  all costs or, in  practice, expanding ad infinitum our ambitions.
- and more...

    Management COURSE, Lesson One:To be sitting and doing
     nothing, you must besitting very, very high up.
- and more...
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