December, 2001 roku!
IN FULL SUN - needle-shaped cactus collection in Barcelona's garden.
E - MAIL, workoholics, electronic transfer of information, faster airplanes, automobiles and the whole technological development... was supposed to enable us to live better lifes to spend less time working (more time at home - with a family) and at the same time to make us more productive, to help us in wider more effective communication. But as it turn out, things are different.

AUNTIE, You asked me: CIOCIA... was a loving and caring human being who touched and enriched the lives of many.
IMPRESSIONS - pictures by Kazimierz Ciesielski
Portrait propre des Polonais 
Voici donc ma nouvelle lettre,  trop longue comme les autres. Si loin du pays, j’ai la chance d’observer avec la distance ce qui ce passe chez vous. Cela a aussi certains inconvénients.
in French

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