REFLECTIONS  - All About Sex
it was CCA Gallery, April 1st - May 30th 2010

Dear Viewer,
Let us look together from the point of view of a young girl (the first picture titled 1.Beauty) as she progresses to womanhood, creatively defining the meaning of the word “Sex” in a young woman’s life. The photos are: Blue,
8.her first cigarette, 2.her first Dress, 6.Lady in Green, 9.her first Dance, 10.Cellist, 11.Angel in Blue,
13.La Dolce Vita, 14.Ecstasy, 16.Obsession, 12.Desire, 15.Unisex, 19.Satisfaction, 18.Sin, 5.being Framed,
3.her Style, 4.Wife, 17.Her Portrait.


   all pictures but one are really reflections not photomontage


2. her first Dress

3. her Style

4. Wife

5. being Framed

6. Lady in Green

in Blue

8. her first Cigarette

 This exhibition was on display at the CCA Gallery in Zionsville, IN during the months of April/May2010. However, the
 Gallery Board opposed the use of the word “Sex” in the title of the exhibition, retaining only the titles of the photographs.

9. her first Dance

10. Cellist

11. Angel in Blue
dedicated to pres. Bill Clinton

12. Desire

13. La Dolce Vita

14. Ecstasy

15. Unisex

16. Obsession

 You’ll probably agree with me that the Bible’s first woman, Eve, had an understanding of the creativity associated with
 “Sex”. But men have given this great discovery a childish association with pornography. Therefore, I don’t understand why
 the CCA Gallery Board, which is 95% female, had decided to censor the exhibition “All about Sex.”

17. her Portrait

18. Sin 

When understanding goes to sleep,
censorship wakes up

19. Satisfaction



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