You're asking me about the INTERNET...
  The INTERNET is the most fantastic TOY I've ever encountered.
  BECOMING a theatrical director requires that you work at a theater or open your own theater...,
  BECOMING a movie director requires you to convince big bucks to invest a ton of money in your project...,
  BECOMING a journalist, poet, or writer requires you to convince someone to risk his money by publishing
  your work.
  WHEREAS without having a cent to your name, you can create a wonderful WORLD, for your purpose or for
  all time, a world full of color, thought, and passion. You can express your-self completely without fear that
  your work will go forever unpublished and unread. You can invite EVERYONE  to join you in creating a world
  belonging to you and them alike. That's how I see the INTERNET. You can also sell, buy, persuade, or deny.
  Most importantly, you can BE yourself. We invite you. Come with us...   

How this Site was created?

The idea of making GoToSlawek WebSite was born at the moment when the New XXI Century has begun. In January of 2001
we had already created a WebSite named and my Letters...

Our intention was to give a most general and comprehensive Site on which EveryMan could Be himself. As we were collecting
the materials were we able to realize - as we hope our Site guests will also realize - the sheer size and quality of EveryMan's creative existence, as well as his titanic devotion to work and the huge scale of his interests.

Our subject himself accepted our project with satisfaction, albeit tinged with some skepticism, resulting from his distrust of multimedia and the Internet. This made our work that much more challenging, as we hoped that our project might, perhaps,
convert EveryMan to "clicking".

The Site is design in cooperation with those, who turned out to be an expert Internaut, e-mail included.

Thanks to your help, and with the invariably skeptical but attentive participation of EveryMan himself, we were able to make
a primary selection of material, which actually determined the basic nature of our Site.

If you want to learn where we have arrived in our quest check our
SiteMap, there you will discover that EveryMan's creativity
can be yours.


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