it was Chase Tower in Indianapolis, September 1 - 30,  2010

REFLECTIONS - Manhattan Rhapsody, part 1
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Dear Viewer,
For many years, while commuting from Long Island to Manhattan I would admire one of the most fascinating landscapes: Unifying the headstones of an old European cemetery in Queens with the beautiful Manhattan skyscrapers in the distance. Through the old world I viewed today's world.
I could never have imagined then that the "impossible" would become "possible" (911).


Good Morning

diptych - to Think

diptych - or not to Think

Manhattan Rhapsody 1


Manhattan Rhapsody 2

Manhattan Rhapsody 3

Manhattan Rhapsody 4

Manhattan Rhapsody 5  

 On several occasions, I wandered down with my note-book camera through these alleys of those who had left us.
 A few years later I reconstructed the pictures in sepia tones using the computer, resurrecting these unique pictures that 
 reflected my fascination with the FORM. In 2009, once again I found myself in the same cemetery, bringing my tale of
 enchantment in the FORM full circle.


Manhattan Rhapsody 6

Manhattan Rhapsody 7

Manhattan Rhapsody 8

Manhattan Rhapsody 9

 The project REFLECTIONS - Manhattan Rhapsody (Spellbound within the Form) presented below is the result of my
 fascination with the beauty of life’s Forms of yesterday and today

Manhattan Rhapsody 10

Manhattan Rhapsody 11

Manhattan Rhapsody 12

triptych - America

triptych - Beautiful

triptych - Is


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American Beauty

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