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Indianapolis International Film Festival 2009
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FUNDS RAISED (July 9th at Melody Inn)
 1. Melody Inn, Show Time (notes with a camera)
 2. Band 1 (notes with a camera)  
 3. Band 2 (notes with a camera)  
 4. Comedian (notes with a camera)
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DAY FIRST (July 15th 2009)
 1. WELCOME by Dorothy Henckel, IIFF president  president
 2. SlideShow - day first

DAY SECOND (July 16th 2009)
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DAY THIRD (July 17th 2009)
 1. Best Worst Movie (notes with a camera)
      discussion with George Hardy
 2. Shoot First and Pray You Live (notes with a camera)
      discussion with Lance Doty
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DAY FOUR (July 18th 2009)
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(July 19th 2009)
 1. Watching These Shorts (notes with a camera)
      discussion - Amulett
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SIX (July 20th 2009)
 1. TIRA BAKAL - Striking Metal (notes with a camera)
      discussion - Scott Wurth
DAY SEVEN (July 21st 2009)
 1. Indianapolis Filmmakers (notes with a camera)
      discussion - Indy Filmmakers 
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(July 22nd 2009)
 1. Black Expression (notes with a camera)
      interview - "Sinnerman" and "Journey through Emancipation 2007"
 2. Shorts (notes with a camera)
      interview - Matt Barber
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 4. A Ripple of Hope (notes with a camera)
 5. Have Passport Will Travel/Shorts Shot Overseas
DAY NINE (July 23rd 2009)
 1. Pound cake (notes with a camera)
 2. Prince of Broadway (notes with a camera)
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DAY TEN (July 24rd 2009)
 1. Racing Dreams - Before and After (notes with a camera)
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