"Although I have never learned how to read and write. I paint the picture residing in my mind". Sota Kurylo

Images by Slawek
Chase Tower (Indianapolis, 111 Monument Cir. July 1 - 31, 2009)
second floor: Monday - Friday 7AM - 7PM
                      Saturday            8AM - 1PM
                Sunday              closed

Dear Viewer,

Throughout my life I have sustained an intense relationship with the natural life of the City.
I seek maximum closeness to my subject, with a focused presence and clarity of intent, known to me as the Event or My Fringe Theater.

I would like to share these captured moments with you:
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1. Lost in Manhattan - notes within “few
from the “Small Island” called
2. European beauty - just Europe
3. Portrait - how can we understand the portrait
4. Strip-teas in a big city - triptych
5. Polish dilemma - what is going on...
6. Politically correct - just politically correct

         - All photographs are actual reflections in our windows, not photomontage.-

The Review
Dr. Peter Marr
"The reality of the reflected background image is factual to us, and we accept the visual distortion that often results, whereas the reality of the image behind the glass (i.e. inside the store window) provides a sharp contrast, as another world observing. It seems that we can follow at least three paths in our reality check of each print, paths that can definitely overlap. Firstly, we can just admire the picture just as it is presented, and I hope that we will do this for every print, as they are so deserve. Secondly, we can try and relate the image in the window with the reflected image outside, and thirdly, we can explore the image behind the window itself, and perhaps ask ourselves if the magic mirror is disclosing otherwise unseen truths".

is 5 time winner of G. Eastman Awards, the most prestige photography competition in the world: http://www.imagecityphotographygallery.com/Shows/200809show/index.htm

Prof. Krys Podgorski:
"There is a hampered world created by us, the unskillful creators, still beautiful in its imperfection. The reality of it is continuously doubted and in this doubt we find our purpose. And there is the true, potent universe which forcefully moves forward on its own terms tossing us around in disregard. There we are between those two, stretched and barely holding until we lose our grip when we fall. This is little space we have but it has multiplicity of dimensions."

is a poet, artist and mathematician at Lund University, Sweden and University. of Limerick, Ireland.

Dan Grossman - NOVO:
Polish-born photographer Slawek is fascinated by the kinds of reflections that you find in shop windows -- and the kind you find in your own head.

In "Polish Dilemma 1: Castle 1" two manikins in a shop window in Warsaw, Poland, are superimposed with the reflection of a castle. But this particular castle isn't the ordinary European variety. Constructed under Stalin's hegemony, it was intended to rival New York's skyscrapers. This photo alludes to the conflict between East and West but suggests that "the Polish Dilemma" is too complex to nutshell. His most stunning photo is one that doesn't entirely avoid didacticism, however. The sepia-toned "Lost in Manhattan 1" shows two gravestones topped by twin statues with the Twin Towers standing in the distance.

It's impossible to reflect on this photo (taken with a compact film camera and then digitally enhanced) without thinking about what happened subsequent to its taking.

With Regards,


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