"If media would like to serve a public they have to BE FREE and they have to use their power of FREEDOM the right way - John Paul II.  Si les médias doivent servir à la Liberté, elles devraient elles-mêmes être LIBRES et profiter correctement de cette liberté" - John Paul II.

September 2007

This Edition of GoToSlawek is dedicated to Lindsay Anderson, the man who is not any longer between us.
               SEE A Revolutionary Soldier Kneeling to Be Blessed

- From the NOTEBOOK of  a hast - less man -
- Les NOTES d'un passant peu presse -




Skipping from Peak to Peak (movies)
About the man, who discovered the deepest canyon in the world,
Canyon Colca.

- Peru 2007 -


- Peru 2007 -

wait a Second...
just the Photography
- Reflections, Faces, Light, Peru, Dolls, Flowers -

The Identity of a Human new
the Great Wall - China


Songs of Chopin, Paderewski and Italian BAROQUE
interpreted by two Brilliant Musicians

Classic on the Streets

Jazz Festivals in Chicago and Warsaw
short movies from the Great Festivals


China, Australia, New Zeeland, Europe
short movies


Portrait propre des PolonaisVoici donc ma nouvelle lettre,  trop longue comme les autres. Si loin du pays, j’ai la chance d’observer
 avec la distance ce qui ce passe chez vous. Cela a aussi certains inconvénients.
- and more in French...

A REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER KNEELING TO BE BLESSED, Never self serving, he was responsible for introducing new talent
 some of whom
went on to become actors and movie stars of genuine international stature: Albert Finney, Peter O’Toole, Alan
 Bates, Malcolm McDowell and the late Richard Harris
by Saxon Logan and Charles Drazin.                          - and more...

NOT only BOOKS__________________

         1. STORIES of moments - Krys Podgorski believes that being creative is
the only way for  any individual to
escape slavery of thesociety, the later being
     the worst enemy of a true human being.
                                - and more...
        2. The play of TIME - Sota Kurylo
with her PhD inbiochemistry, she is widely
     published in the scientific
journals and is now a Professor Emeritus
     of Rockefeller University.

                                                                        - and more...
         3. To BE or NOT to BE - Zbigniew Antoszewski. Puis c’est
     l’arrivée des années „sixties” qui entraînent diverses modes et
     changements culturels très appréciés par la jeunesse polonaise.
     Mais les moralisateurs imposent leur diktat car, selon eux le „rock
     and roll” associé à la culture de l’ouest n’est  qu’une chute morale,
     houliganisme, voire décadence”.
                                             - and more in French...


. RUN as far as you can


 2. EVIDENCE of global warming




by Lech, For centuries fish were plentiful. Poor people could not afford meat, but fish, wild mushrooms, or wild
 berries were
always available, and considered as inferior foods. Polish people used to say “Fish and mushrooms, flour and meadow” to
 describe a rich country farm, where everything was plentiful.                 -
and more...
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