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I understand the camera as a pen or pencil which we use to make fast notes with. While classic photography is capturing a moment, my camera is trying to understand what Light is telling me. I call this process REFLECTIONS. 

November 2012

 BEAUTY is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, oridea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction.


All that I do are in fact "draft notes with a camera".
My camera interprets Pop-Art which was originated in the USA manyyears ago. Pop-Art is dominant today in our streets, stores and, evenour homes. Signs of Pop-Art can be seen all over the world.

4. REFLECTIONS - Private Eye

(January - March 2012)

While classic photography is capturing a moment, my camera is trying to understand what Light is telling me. 
I call this process REFLECTIONS.

REFLECTIONS: Attention She is a Woman

(November 2011 - January 2012)

The best description of my work was given by Peter Maar: "This memorable exhibition is a truly fascinating study of reflections, by an artist who has amazing visual perception and masterfulphotographic technique. Reflections are not only what the eye sees, but what the mind perceives.


1. REFLECTIONS: Manhattan Rhapsody
(Sept.- Oct. 2011)
dedicated to All Those who were not given a chance to servive 9/11.
When we see in the present, we also reflect on thing past. We listen to the voice of our heart, but our thoughts are very personal and not universal. One should look at each image and explore both visually and emotionally what it means or conveys to you".
2. REFLECTIONS: Way off Theater
(July - August, 2011)
dedicated to the IndyFRINGE project and All Theater Lovers.
I'm fascinated with a Form and REFLECTIONS in windows, cars, etc.

3. REFLECTIONS: All these cars (May - June, 2011)
dedicated to all car Lovers
All Great Painters always knew that the best Master is the LIGHT. My camera is trying to record the best creations of 
the Best Master - LIGHT.

4. REFLECTIONS: Politically Correct and 
Being Teen
(April 2011)
The Motto of my work: “Although I have never learned how to readand write. I paint a picture residing in my mind” by Dr. Sota Kurylo

1. REFLECTIONS: All About Sex, part 1




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