- draft notes with a camera -

at Art Bank Gallery
January - March 2012

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To Think

That's a Question

Or Not To Think

  Dear Viewer,
  During one of my stay in Europe, while standing at bus stop with my "notebook" - camera, I was fascinated by the eye 
  staring at me from a poster. Immediately I took a few pictures. These are titled "PRIVAT E EYE", imaging a detective
  observing you from the poster and seeing how much these immodest pictures fascinate those who look at them. 

Both Together

My Mind

Her Ego 

dedicated to Sec. of State 
Hillary Clinton

Midas touch

Private Eye

Magic of Eye


My Face

  In the first half of the 20th Century people believed of true power being in “magic of eye". We now  see it the best 
  in the old photographs of those whom we now call celebrities.



Halloween Mask


  This collection investigates the role of The Eye in the context of our culture. Especially in our professions we 
  understand  that the eye is vital to our understanding of the world around us, but what does this impression tell 
  us about the Eye itself and its role in sparking our creativity? Such is the question which started me on the journey 
  to investigating the gravity the “external eye” has on our own phenomenological perspective.

The Identity

Look to hard

Sitting in Rain


 “Although I have never learned how to read and write. I paint a picture residing in my mind” -
prof. Sota Kurylo



1. Private Eye and In Search of Lost Time



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