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Way off Theater

draft notes with a camera

- this project is dedicated to IndyFringeFest Creators -


Dear Viewer,

  The Motto of my work:
  “Although I have never learned how to read and write. I paint a picture residing in my mind” 
                                                                                                                        by Dr. Sota Kurylo

  Theater, Movie and Photograph were always my fascination. This time I would like to share with you
  my REFLECTIONS“Way off Theater”.


Who is Afraid

Lady with an Ermine

On the Stage

Old Jew

Her Portrait

Blue Angel
dedicated to Pres. 
Bill Clinton

Her First Dance


Comedy dell' Arte


La Belle Epoque

 “It's exciting when the image is confusing at first, and the eye is able to gradually make sense of what
  it's seeing. This is what REFLECTIONS are about".

Fairy Tale

Two of them and He

Old Timers

Phantom of Liberty

Lady Macbeth Stage  1


Please notice that photographs may not be reproduced,
copied, etc. or used in any way without photographer's
permission stating the granted rights.

Lady Macbeth Stage 2

- photographs: size 25x36, printed on aluminum plates -

The FIRST NIGHT, Friday, July 2011

Magic of the Light

Study for a Portrait
of Indy Girlfriend 1

Study for a Portrait
of Indy Girlfriend 2

Study for a Portrait
of Indy Girlfrien 3

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