the Clowes 50th Art Project
Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, 4602 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208


"All the World's a Stage, and All the Men and  Women are merely players"
                                                                                         William Shakespeare



part 1
  LTD. ED., print on canvas and aluminum plates:
  a. Waiting for Godot - XXI Century replica of Becket’s absurdist play, about wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival 
  of someone named Godot: What could happen when he comes? This unioque photograph presents Two Beauties 
  destroyed by  fanaticism.
“Harlequin” - it achieved great popularity as the comic closing part of a longer evening of entertainment - see 
  the crowd of harlequins on our streets today; “a
ll the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely

c. “Celebrity” - is a person, who has a prominent profile and commands some degree of public fascination; a kind of
  constructed beauty.

  d. “Sexting” - it is a result of advances in technology enabling new forms of social interaction.

   Ltd. Ed. (Limited edition), framed, printed on aluminum and on canvas, 
   size: 50x60, 25x34, 13x19
   Contact for pricing options:



part 2
  LTD. ED., printed on aluminum plate:
“All this Juliet…and Romeo”, four photographs define a character and dreams of Juliet, from “Romeo and Juliet” 
  by William  Shakespeare.
  a. Juliet 1, b. Juliet 2, c. Juliet 3, d. and Romeo 
  Note left bottom corners at each picture of Juliet.

   Limited edition, framed, printed on aluminum and on canvas, 
   size: 50x60, 25x34, 13x19

   Please contact for pricing options on paper canvas or aluminum



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